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14 Feb

D9LOVE Stories…Bishop Marshall and Tausha Mabry

Name of couple: Bishop Marshall & Tausha Mabry

Organization (His & Hers): Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. & Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

How many years married? 2 months

How did you meet? We met on Facebook on April 1, 2016. One of her childhood friends is one of my colleagues. He posted a message on Facebook, she responded I thought her response was funny and I responded to her message. By the end of the day, we were texting each other and talked on the phone until 11 pm that night.


How did you propose? I knew she was my wife on our first date. I proposed one night after dinner at her home.


What do you love or value most about your mate? I love my wife’s positivity! She’s always encouraging and supportive of others, and because of her big heart, I fell in love with her.

Bishop Wedding
1. When looking for a mate, was their involvement in a fraternity/sorority a requirement? If so, why? Yes. When looking for a mate, I was looking for someone that was a member of a sorority because I come from a family of Greeks and I wanted someone who understood my commitment to my fraternity.


2. Have you found that being married to someone in a fraternity/sorority has added to your relationship? If so, how?
Being married to someone that is Greek has added to my relationship because it broadens my network, helped me to prioritize and gave me someone to have fun with in different settings.


3. Did you include any rituals from your respective fraternity/sorority in your wedding ceremony or reception? If so, please explain. During our wedding reception, we had members of our respective organizations sing the sweetheart song.


4. Have you continued to be active in your fraternity/sorority since you’ve been married? If so, please explain. Since being married my wife and I have continued to be active in our respective organizations.


5. What are the positives to both of you being members of the Divine Nine? I believe that one of the positives of being married to another Divine Nine Greek is that we both understand the other’s history and the mentality of the other due to what we both went through during our processes.

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