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20 Dec

D9LOVE Stories… Jamal and Natasha Mack

Name of couple: Jamal and Natasha Mack

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Organization (His & Hers): Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

How many years married? 6 years

How did you meet? We met while working Downtown in Philadelphia for a nonprofit organization.

How did he propose? The proposal was organized a week in advance. He asked a friend to assist with having our family and friends meet at Ms. Tootsies Restaurant on South Street in Philadelphia, PA at approximately 3pm. Jamal told me that we were going to Atlantic City, NJ to celebrate our 3rd year of being together. However, before going he wanted to stop by Ms. Tootsies (soul food restaurant) for a bite to eat. Because he had a relationship with the manager through promoting events at the restaurant, the manager agreed to allow Jamal to use the top floor of the restaurant for the proposal.  It was great because upon arrival I did not see our friends and family. He communicated with a friend to inform her of our whereabouts and estimated time of arrival. As we walked in the manager greeted us and Jamal quickly informed him that we were celebrating our 3 year anniversary. As he congratulated us he stated that he would like to do something nice for us, and then proceeded to escort us to the top level. As we made it to the final step and noticed a pack of people everyone screamed surprise.

It was then when he started giving a speech that I became aware that Jamal was proposing. A few minutes into him telling everyone how blessed that he was to have me, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

What do you love or value most about your mate? I value his ambition and his gentle spirit the most.

When looking for a mate, was their involvement in a fraternity/sorority a requirement? If so, why? No, but it helps.

Have you found that being married to someone in a fraternity/sorority has added to your relationship? If so, how? It has added to our relationship. It increased the interesting dynamics we shared, merged our social      circle, and enabled us to share our love of volunteerism and community service.

Did you include any rituals from your respective fraternity/sorority in your wedding ceremony or reception? If so, please explain. No, we were married prior to membership.

Have you continued to be active in your fraternity/sorority since you’ve been married? If so, please explain. Yes, I serve as corresponding secretary of the Chester Alumni (PA) Chapter while Jamal serves as Polemarch of his chapter which is Chester Alumni (PA).

What are the positives to both of you being members of a Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO)? There is an innate understanding of the time investment and commitment that is required to serve the community along with a chapter. There is also some clarity about the need for time with line sisters/brothers, frats/sorors. Finally, there are several opportunities to serve the community together.

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