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27 Feb

D9LOVE Stories.. Ralph and Tiara Lee Simmons

Name of couple: Ralph & Tiara Lee Simmons

Organization (His & Hers): Kappa Alpha Psi & Sigma Gamma Rho

How many years married? 2 years

How did you meet? We met at a step show in 2008 he came up behind me and tripped me because he “thought I was someone else”

How did he propose? (optional) Behind a Bush!

What do you love or value most about your mate? How positive he always is.

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When looking for a mate, was their involvement in a fraternity/sorority a requirement?  If so, why? No there was none but it was nice to marry Greek to pass the tradition down to our future kids


Have you found that being married to someone in a fraternity/sorority has added to your relationship?  If so, how? No this has not added value to our relationship


Did you include any rituals from your respective fraternity/sorority in your wedding ceremony or reception?  If so, please explain.  Nope

Have you continued to be active in your fraternity/sorority since you’ve been married?  If so, please explain. Unfortunately, we have not been active in our organizations. However, we both have plans to join a grad chapter once our first year of parenthood is over


What are the positives to both of you being members of the Divine Nine? We can both agree that pledging our organizations have both prepared us for the many difficulties that life, marriage, and parenthood continues to test us. Our favorite line to use when things are difficult and there is no light at the end of the tunnel is “you pledged” if we can get through that we can get through sleepless nights and bottle feeds every 2hrs.

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