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6 Feb

D9LOVE Stories…Timothy & Simone Pratt

Name of couple: Timothy and Simone Pratt

Organization (His & Hers): Kappa Alpha Psi (Fall 91) & Delta Sigma Theta (Spring 93)

How many years married? 10 years


How did you guys meet? I had a party in my loft in Brooklyn to show a pay per view fight, and he crashed my party (one of my girlfriends invited him). He asked “who’s apartment is this?” with a plate of chicken I fried lol. Someone pointed me out, and he asked: “introduce me to her.” After talking, we realized we were both going to the NBS ski summit in Vail, and he asked for my email so we could talk about the upcoming trip (his way of getting my information LOL).

How did he propose? On our one year anniversary of our first date, we re-created our date. On the elevator to my apartment, he said: “We had a great year, but I don’t want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.” I was shocked and confused. He got down on one knee and said: “I want you to be my wife.” He asked for my hand using the ring his father proposed to his mother with 40 years prior. I said yes and when he opened the door to my apartment – all of my family, his family and some of my Sorors and line sisters were in my apartment. I had NO idea. And they didn’t know why they were there he texted them when we were coming up. He told them they were there to celebrate my promotion.

1. When looking for a mate, was their involvement in a fraternity/sorority a requirement?  If so, why? No, it wasn’t requirement for either of us.

2. Have you found that being married to someone in a fraternity/sorority has added to your relationship?  If so, how?It helps when we both have chapter meetings and service projects the other understands (I have dated non-greeks, and they have been like “where are you going AGAIN?”)

Simone Family2

3. Did you include any rituals from your respective fraternity/sorority in your wedding ceremony or reception?  If so, please explain.We sang the Delta sweetheart song. Timothy and his fraternity brothers serenaded me and sang their hymn.

4. Have you continued to be active in your fraternity/sorority since you’ve been married?  If so, please explain. Yes, we are both active. I am a charter member of the East Kings County Alumnae chapter in Brooklyn NY and have been Communications Chair, and Timothy is Managing Partner for Brooklyn Long Island Alumnae Chapter

5. What are the positives to both of you being members of the Divine Nine?We have two sons, and they both look up to what our organizations represent.

Simone Family

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