Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of the key?

The purpose of the key is to encourage users to be selective in who they message. Each month users will receive five free keys. If you need additional keys for messaging, you can purchase them by clicking on the key icon, in the right-hand corner of the message page.

How does D9LOVE work?
  • Step 1: Choose your organization.
  • Step 2: Setup your personal profile.
  • Step 3: Start connecting by swiping right.
  • Step 4: Send your “Matches” keys to unlock Messaging.
  • Step 5: Message with your Matches.
So, what’s the twist?

Once two people have mutually connected by swiping right, both individuals have the option of adding the person to their favorites. This allows them to reach out later, send that match a key, or keep swiping.

What does the key do?

If you send your match a key, your match will have to send a key back in order to unlock “the heart.” You must both send each other a key in order for you to begin messaging one another.

Once “the heart” is unlocked, both parties have 24 hours to initiate contact AND 24 hours to respond or the opportunity to connect will be lost.

Is D9LOVE only for members of a National Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO)?

D9LOVE is currently a dating app solely for the members of a National Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO). However, we are not opposed to eventually opening it up to non-Greeks that are interested in a National BGLO in the future. Stay Tuned!

Where can I download D9LOVE?

D9LOVE is currently available in your iPhone App Store. We are in the process of developing the Android version and we will update you via social media and our website when it’s ready.

Is Facebook the only way to sign up?

No, but it’s the fastest. We use Facebook to provide a reliable and efficient framework for creating your profile including your name, age, school, job, and suggested photos.

Why do I have to show my school or job?

Showing your school and job enhances your profile and makes you more appealing to potential hopefuls. However, you can adjust your occupation to something more general than what’s stated on Facebook for privacy.

How can I add or upload photos?

You can upload a photo by going to your profile and tapping on the photo already loaded (extracted from Facebook) or tapping on the space to upload a photo. You’ll then have the option to import from Facebook, your phone’s library or you can take a brand new one! However, pictures are limited to five, so tell your best story of yourself through your photos.

How do you avoid perpetrators?

While we can’t 100% prevent “perps” from signing up we do have an option to block and report individuals that are not “Greek.”

What if I run out of keys for the months?

Your first option is to keep swiping and add your matches to your favorites. Each month you will get 5 free keys to start you off. However, like the saying goes “if you snooze you lose;” so the second option is to buy more keys and keep the conversations going. My vote’s for the later.

How do I purchase more keys?

There are several opportunities to buy more keys. A screen will pop up asking you to send someone a key and underneath it will say you can buy more keys. There’s also a pop up screen giving you a menu of key options you can purchase at any time. Finally, on the message page if you click on the key icon in the right hand corner it will show you how many keys you have left and allow you to purchase more keys.

How do I invite people to use the app?

Inside the app, on the side menu, click on “share app” to invite other members of a National Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO) to join D9LOVE.

What if I don’t match with anyone?

Be patient! Keep swiping! “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” “Good things come to those who wait”… and cliché after cliché! Keep swiping – the more you swipe the greater your chances. Second, check out our blog on our web site to read how you can create a match worthy profile. Lastly, this is new to everyone, your match may not have arrived yet.