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6 Jan

D9LOVE Stories…Shawn and Nikayla Boyd


Name of couple: Shawn and Nikayla Boyd

Organization (His & Hers): Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. & Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

How many years married? 10 years

How did you meet? In High School, Senior year.

How did he propose? He did a surprise proposal in front of both of our families. I still can’t believe he managed to not let me find out about it.

What do you love or value most about your mate?

Shawn: I call Nikayla my own Claire Huxtable. She is beautiful, a great mom, and intelligent. She speaks two languages and that always amazes me.

Nikayla: I love Shawn’s outgoing personality. He is willing to try almost anything. Always fun to be around and is the life of the party lol.

When looking for a mate, was their involvement in a fraternity/sorority a requirement?  If so, why?

Shawn: I would say no. However, I do think being involved in a fraternity of sorority is a plus. It’s sort of like the icing on the cake.

Have you found that being married to someone in a fraternity/sorority has added to your relationship?  If so, how?

Nikayla: I think being married to someone in a fraternity/sorority has added to the relationship for the both of us. As a couple, we get to reminisce about Greek life especially back in college, where we both attended the same undergrad, Middle Tennessee State University. Now since we have both been in for almost 15 years, we get to see the growth in each other in our respective organizations. It’s also funny watching our son and daughter come to different Greek events with us.

Did you include any rituals from your respective fraternity/sorority in your wedding ceremony or reception?  If so, please explain.

Both: Yes! We did include our rituals from our respective organizations and a majority of our line brothers and line sisters were in our wedding. At the reception, we did our line dances and sang our hymns.

Have you continued to be active in your fraternity/sorority since you’ve been married?  If so, please explain.

Shawn: Yes I’m very involved. I belong to Southaven Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. I hold a Province level position for South Central Province Director of Leadership Development.

Nikayla: Honestly, no I am not active in my sorority due to adjusting to motherhood with young kids and a career change. In 2017 I plan to get back active.

What are the positives to both of you being members of the Divine Nine?

Shawn: I know being a part of a D9 Organization is huge in the black community. I realize I been giving this platform and do not take it lightly. I have been able to help so many young folks by being a NUPE. We do a lot of community service, leadership development, and we mentor high school young men through Kappa League. I’m so grateful God blessed me with this opportunity. Shout out to the NUPES! YO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikayla: I echo Shawn. Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded on scholarship and service. It’s what Alpha women do. I think Education is the key to almost anything. I have been able to help so many young ladies by the many different programs we offer in our Sorority.

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