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14 Nov

Welcome to the D9LOVE blog!

Welcome to the D9LOVE blog! This is a safe place for us to laugh, learn, question, and share our experiences with love and dating. On a weekly basis you can come to the blog to find updated posts, contributions from guest bloggers, or interesting articles from experts in the fields of dating and relationships. Feel free to email us with questions or topics that you would like addressed on the blog as well.

For our inaugural blog, We just wanted to share a few thoughts to let you guys know that finding love is NOT impossible. There are a lot of singles out there who are looking for love. And knowing that so many of those singles are members of Black Greek Letter Organizations, it just made sense to create a space to connect…and hence, D9LOVE was born.

Long-lasting, committed, highly-functioning relationships seem to be pretty hard to come by lately. Quite often, the “make-it or break-it” factor is compatibility. To share common values and/or mutual interests is the stuff that longevity is made of. Of course, it helps when “wifey” is pleasing to the eye – or “bae” has six-pack abs…but beauty fades, and aesthetics don’t usually turn a first date into happily ever after. “Looking for love in all the wrong places…” may be a good song lyric to describe the experiences that many singles are having on some of the dating apps out there. However, those that have found the most success are using apps where compatibility with members is a prerequisite for finding a connection. Dating apps like D9LOVE bring together singles who fundamentally have compatible attributes – scholarship, service, and the many other common experiences of being a member of a BGLO. Yes, singles may be frustrated with the amount of time they put into online dating apps to in turn yield seemingly fruitless results. But, just like looking for a new job, or a new home – finding the right fit also takes time. It’s easy to give up, but give your quest for love the time and attention it deserves.



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